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  • Martha Golea

Restoring Comfort to a Neighbor in Need

Updated: 5 days ago

Alone and battling cancer, a Colorado Springs neighbor didn’t have anyone left to turn to when she got a notice that her homeowners insurance would be canceled and the city could put a lien on her house if it could not pass an inspection on a very short deadline. The issue? Her yard was home to three original covered wagons, filled to the brim with history and also, unfortunately, clutter.

Exposed to the elements for years, the wagons and their contents were beginning to rot. Neighbors were concerned about rodents being attracted to the area, so they called code enforcement. There was no way the homeowner could manage the project in her condition so she reached out to Team Comfort for help.

“When Karl [Honsalek, Comfort Restorations owner] says ‘We’re happy to help’, he really means it. Being able to help a neighbor in need lights him up.” 

The timeline to clean up the property was urgent, but Project Coordinator Toni Kurtz was able to schedule our entire team to work together for one morning to get the property in order. What would have been an agonizing task for family or neighbors to do was a fun bonding exercise for Team Comfort. Jokes were flying over the whir of a weed eater, a tree saw, and a lawnmower. Life lessons were shared among truck beds full of trash.

For our two newest hires, this was their first humanitarian project since joining our team. Being a purpose-driven business means that we only hire folks who share our vision for doing good, and all of Team Comfort showed their hearts in a big way that day. Everyone’s good nature and hard work kept spirits high despite the heat and the nature of the project.

You can help spread comfort around Colorado Springs

If you know of a Colorado Springs neighbor who is in need of essential home repairs (roofing, interior or exterior repairs, handyman projects) or cleanup, you can nominate them to have that done at no cost, through our Restoring Comfort program.

Help us connect with military families!

In July we will be focusing on helping military families, so submit your nominations by the end of June so we can select and schedule the projects we'll do! We are looking for current, former, or retired military families with a specific home repair need. They have given so much in service to our country and we want to give back to them.

This is an ongoing program, so you can nominate a military or civilian neighbor any time of year! Visit to learn all about the program and to nominate a neighbor in need.

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