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Restoring Comfort

Nominate a Colorado Springs neighbor for no-cost home repairs

Family Time

Team Comfort wants to help restore comfort for our neighbors in need

Many life circumstances can make it incredibly challenging to get essential home repair projects done, like losing a loved one, financial difficulties, or a deployed spouse. If you know someone in Colorado Springs who needs home repairs that they cannot afford or perform on their own, you can nominate them for our Restoring Comfort program.

Please visit our Services page if you have questions about what services we may be able to offer.

Modern Neighborhood

Nominate your Colorado Springs neighbor here:

If you have questions before submitting your nomination, you can reach us through our Contact form >

What kind of repairs?
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Note: We will not use any of this information to contact you or your nominee for marketing purposes, unless you subscribe to our email list.

We appreciate your compassion for your neighbors. If your nominee is selected, we will contact you first for additional details before we contact them.

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