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Wildfire Preparation and Resources

Updated: May 20

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With wildfire season upon us here in Colorado Springs, we want all of our neighbors to be prepared and have as much knowledge as possible to stay safe. We will regularly update this list of wildfire preparation resources as we find new things that may help. So bookmark this post or save the links!

Weather conditions that contribute to wildfires

If you're newer to Colorado, it may be surprising that we have such a high fire risk here. But the dry climate and high winds make our area prone to fires for most of the year. While "fire season" is typically May through September, fires happen all through year and we have increasing fire danger in winter.

Not-so-fun fact: Snow may not put out a wildfire, in fact it can help spread the burn.

Resources to prepare your home for wildfire

These checklists offer practical steps to make your home, landscape, and outdoor property less susceptible to fire. For steps to protect from a home fire that begins indoors, see the next section.

Resources to prevent and react safely to home fires

American Red Cross home fire escape plan document with grid for drawing your own plan

Learn about the top causes of house fires and top locations home fires start so you can avoid making these common mistakes. The American Red Cross has tons of helpful printables to help you plan ahead, communicate with your family, and know what to do in the event of a home fire. Many of the American Red Cross resources are available in other languages, too!

How to defend yourself, family and home from wildfire

Did you know insect infestations contribute to higher fire danger in Colorado? But more than bugs, the increase in risk is due to more people living in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) than ever before. Do you live in a WUI? Find out on this cool interactive map that also shows your area's risk rating.

This link includes information for safety before, during, and after a wildfire, including evacuation details. The text is available in several languages. There are lots of other Colorado Hazards in the sidebar, to help you prepare for anything.

Unexpected impacts of wildfire

Natural disasters like wildfire can cause long-term health impacts you may not expect, like increasing asbestos exposure, which can cause mesothelioma, a type of cancer. Thank you to the National Mesothelioma Center for sharing this Asbestos and Natural Disasters Guide with us:

We hope all of these resources will help you feel more prepared and confident of your fire safety skills. If you have any links you'd like to add, please comment here or on our Facebook page!

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If you ever need help recovering your home from a fire (either house fire or wildfire), our mitigation and reconstruction crews would be glad to help you through that difficult process. Our mitigation team has over 23 years of experience dealing with the aftermath of fire and the insurance claims. They handle your project with great care, establishing your trust and working hard to help you feel comfortable.

Give us a call if we can be of service! 719-439-0611

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