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5 Important Questions to Ask When You Have Water Damage in Your Home

Is this carpet supposed to be squishy?

How long has that puddle been there?

What just dripped on my head?

Those might be the first questions you ask when you notice water where it doesn't belong, but we suggest asking a few different ones if you want to get to the bottom of the issue!

The confusion we hear most often from our water mitigation customers is "I didn't know if I should call my insurance company first, or a contractor...”

Most people don't know the answer to that! That's because there are so many variables involved in the decision.

hardwood floor rippled from water damage
This hardwood floor is buckled from water rising up from the crawlspace below.
Let's talk about 5 important questions you need to ask when you have water damage in your home.

1. Are my family and pets safe?

If the damage is substantial, it could be dangerous. Water leaks or flooding can sometimes affect electrical outlets or wiring and cause ceilings to fall in. If any of that is likely, please get to somewhere safe and call a plumber immediately.

2. Can I tell where the water is coming from?

Sometimes it's very obvious. That's the best case scenario! But sometimes it is phantom water and you can't figure out the source. It happens to the best of us.

living space with floors removed and drywall cut out from water damage
A leak while the homeowners were out of town became a Category 3 water loss after 72 hours.

3. Is it clean water or dirty water?

Water from your bathroom sink, shower, or appliances is typically considered safe, while water from your kitchen sink, toilet, or utility sink has been contaminated with bacteria, chemicals, and pathogens that make it unsafe for contact.

4. How long has the water been present?

If you're super vigilant and you caught the damage right away, it may just be a matter of stopping the leak and drying up the water. Hooray! However, if you were away from home and found water damage when you returned, or if you can't identify when it started, you may have a problem.

Mold can start growing within 24-48 hours, in the right conditions. By 72 hours water damage is automatically considered Category 3, "grossly contaminated".

Can I fix water damage myself or should I call a professional?

If it’s safe, clean water, you can tell where it’s coming from, and it hasn’t been there too long, you could potentially fix the damage yourself. However, if any of those variables is off, you should contact us first to get a professional opinion.

The final question is:

5. What is my deductible vs. the cost of repairs?

Generally, you don't want to call your insurance company first, for water damage. Your homeowners insurance rates could go up after filing a claim, so you want to be certain it's needed.

Our Mitigation Manager can troubleshoot your water issue over a video chat, to determine what needs to be done. He’ll make sure your living space is safe and help you decide if it’s worth an insurance claim or not. If the damage is minimal, he will be up front with you about what it will take to repair it either on your own or with our help. You don't want to start a claim if the repairs will cost less than your deductible!

If the damage is substantial, we have specialists who work directly with your insurance company and negotiate on your behalf to help make the claim process easier for you. You're going through enough already, with water damage in your home! So we do our best to alleviate the stress of water damage mitigation.

brown bear mascot wearing Team Comfort tee, khaki pants, and boots

You don’t have to deal with water damage alone!

If you got to the bottom of this list and you're unsure of any of the answers, please call us. We can easily walk you through identifying the problem, scheduling repairs, and even filing a homeowners insurance claim if that’s necessary. There is never a charge for a consultation, so let’s talk and make a plan to get your home back to normal ASAP! 

Connect with Team Comfort at 719-439-0611.

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