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  • Martha Golea

Share Comfort, Get Rewarded

Over the last four years of business, we’ve worked with some of the kindest, most awesome people. So many of our customers initially called us for an insurance-related repair and have continued to call us back for every home improvement or repair project they need done. We love being your Everything Contractor, the one you call for the small stuff and trust with the big stuff too!

We want to say thank you for your support!

illustration of Team Comfort bear is a cheerful brown bear wearing a black Team Comfort t-shirt, khaki pants, and hiking boots. Bear is waving.

Our projects have ranged from small siding repairs to entire home remodels, and minor water leaks to complete reconstruction after a catastrophic loss. No matter the project, we've loved working with you! If you enjoyed your experience with us will you help us share comfort?

We’re looking for homeowners who:

  • Don’t have time to DIY their home improvement projects

  • Appreciate having a knowledgeable professional take care of every detail

  • Trust us to execute their vision

As we continue growing, we hope to work with more people like you. If you’re willing to spread the word about Team Comfort, we’d like to reward you in a big way!

Spread the joy: 

Share our referral link with anyone you believe could benefit from our services, whether it’s a neighbor needing a kitchen refresh or a colleague seeking a reliable contractor. Link:

Grow the team: 

We call our employees and customers Team Comfort, because we all rely on each other to get jobs done well, and to do good in our community and around the world. When someone you refer contacts us for an estimate through the referral link, they’ll put your name under “who referred you?” so you get credit. This helps us grow our network of supporters and customers.

Reap the rewards: 

You’ll get a $25 Visa gift card when your referral schedules an estimate. If that referral turns into a signed contract, you’ll receive a $75 Visa gift card on top of that. So you could score a total of $100!

The more you share, the more you can earn!

More ways to unlock the potential of our Referral Program:

Share your enthusiasm with your network and watch your rewards stack up. If you’re on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram, you can post about your experience with Comfort Restorations or showcase your project. Include the referral link, and tag us (@comfortrestorations) so anyone who comes to us through your post link will count toward the program!

We couldn’t do it without you

The people who have hired us and told their neighbors about us for the last four years have made it possible for us to grow this mighty team. Your support has enabled us to provide no-cost home repairs for neighbors in need, help launch a small business in an impoverished community in India, and commit to volunteer days with local organizations our staff love.

What’s next?

The more mitigation and construction work we do, the more time and resources we can commit to our humanitarian efforts locally and around the world. We’ll be growing our network of partners this summer and making plans for some international projects for the coming year. We hope you’ll follow along to see what we’re working on next!

If you know of an organization that is doing great work here in Colorado Springs, that we could potentially team up with to provide home repairs for neighbors in need, we’d love to hear about it! Please fill out our contact form or send us a message on one of our social media platforms (linked in header and footer).

Here's that referral link again in a second handy location:

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